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Books, Maps, Wine and Toys

A signed photograph of Led Zeppelin - Sold for £4,200

A collection of Victorian albums, one containing a sketch of the moon by James Nasmyth - Sold for £1,200

A table globe, inscribed The New Twelve Inch British Terrestrial Globe, dated 1800 by W & S Jones, Holborn, London, on a turned mahogany tripod stand, inset with a compass, 60cm tall - Sold for £3,200

A life size model of Darth Maul, official Star Wars promotional model - Sold for £880

An early 20th century Black Prince 1502 live steam engine and tender, with 3 inch gauge, engine 44cm long overall - Sold for £1,700

A 19th century porcelain headed doll, with porcelain arms and legs and a fabric body, 47cm long - Sold for £1,050

Cruchley's New Map of Europe exhibiting political and natural divisions, published 1855, bound East and West, each 80 x 120cm, together with a similar World Map (2) - Sold for £1,200

A rare early 20th century Fortuna automatic bagatelle arcade game, manufactured under Jofeh's license, 1901, numbered I824, in an oak case, 78cm high - Sold for £700

Six magnums of Chateau Palmer, 1986 Margaux - Sold for £950

An early 20th century grey painted carved wooden rocking horse, 143cm - Sold for £2,100

A rare early 20th century American 'The Big Game Hunter' patented arcade game, circa 1931, in a painted wooden case, stamped A.B.T. (Manufacturing Company) Chicago, Illinois, 68 x 26cm - Sold for £720

A Victorian Lines Bros painted wooden rocking horse, on stand, 103cm tall - Sold for £1,100

The New Testament, translated out of Greek, by Theod. Beza, imprinted at London by Robert Barker, 1610, inscription states the owner had it bound in three volumes, this being the third, together with Cruso, Rev. Timothy, 24 Sermons Preached at Pinners Hall, bound in leather and inscribed Elizabeth Sones 1699 and Index Biblicus, printed by John Field, Cambridge 1668 - Sold for £320

A 19th century bisque headed doll, with a stitched leather body, in a silk dress, with leather shoes, 43cm high - Sold for £1,650

An early 20th century live steam engine, with 4 inch gauge, 54cm long - Sold for £1,000

Bowles and Carver, London and its outskirts, 1807, new one-sheet plan, coloured engraving on linen, folding map of London, 45 x 66cm - Sold for £160

A 1970's Star Wars Palitoy figure, Death Star Droid, 1977, together with another, Jawa, both in original packaging - Sold for £850

A set of three books: Ian Fleming, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, The Magical Car, Adventure 1, 2, 3, in three volumes, 1st editions, London: Cape 1964-65, with original pictorial boards and dust covers - Sold for £210

Twelve bottles of Fonseca's Finest 1977 Vintage port, Guimaraens, Vinhos S.A.R.L., 75cl - Sold for £620

A 19th century Grand Panorama of London, a fold out engraving of London from the Thames, together with Bett's Tour Through Europe game, The Handy Royal Atlas and a hand coloured game - Sold for £210

A 19th century embroidered map of England, with a floral decorated border, in a gilt frame, 51 x 47cm - Sold for £85

A vintage pub game The Rippler, in a glazed wooden case, 53cm high - Sold for £230

A 19th century Carys New Terrestrial globe - Sold for £480

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