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Arms, Armour & Militaria

A pair of early 19th century flintlock duelling pistols, by Henshaw, London, each with a textured walnut grip and removable ramrod, 40cm long - Sold for £3,800

A 19th century mahogany wall rack, mounted with brass hooks and containing a collection of twelve various 19th century wooden and tribal sticks, to include an African hardwood knobkerrie, 93cm long, another 136cm, a twisted wire bound walking stick, 113cm, and another carved with the head of a man, 108cm - Sold for £3,400

A 19th century percussion carbine rifle, the 51cm circular barrel mounted with bayonet, the engraved plate inscribed Nixon, stamped CN8522 to the butt - Sold for £340

An early 19th century pressed horn snuff box, in the form of Napoleon's hat, inscribed Napoleon A. Wagram, 7cm across, together with a Scottish carved stag antler snuff box, decorated with two stags, 5cm diameter - Sold for £460

A 19th century simulated walnut air cane, by E.M. Reilly and Co., in the original fitted wooden case, bearing a paper label for E.M. Reilly and Co, 16 New Oxford Street, London, 57cm long - Sold for £780

A bronze figure of the Duke of Wellington on horseback, by Bernard Winskill, for The Royal Worcester Porcelain Company, model number eight of a limited edition of fifteen, dated 1978, on a black marble plinth base, 49cm tall overall, with certificate signed by the Director - Sold for £1,100

An early 20th century Russian bronze ship's bell, with an iron clapper and a relief inscribed frieze, from the Imperial Russian battleship Peresvet, 35cm high overall - Sold for £1,350

An early 20th century camel gun, 154cm long, used by J.B. Miller, together with various photographs of Jerusalem, in General Allenby's official entry into Jerusalem, 1927, and an Imperial Camel Corps badge, together with a leather camel whip - Sold for £190

A 19th century five shot percussion cap revolver, the 13.5cm octagonal barrel stamped Vero Clement a Pistons, with a wooden grip, 27cm long - Sold for £100

A World War I chain mail and leather tank spatter mask, 16cm wide - Sold for £480

A 19th century double barrelled percussion cap pistol, with twin 8cm octagonal barrels and wooden grip - Sold for £170

An Edward VII 1897 pattern infantry officer's sword, the fullered steel blade etched with Royal cypher, coat of arms and 'Hobson & Sons', the chromium plated steel hilt pierced with Royal cypher, wire bound fish skin grip and associated leather covered field scabbard, 82cm the blade - Sold for £180

A Victorian Lancashire Artillery Volunteer cross belt and pouch, with bullion type embroidery, 17cm the pouch - Sold for £170

English School, 19th century, a head and shoulders portrait of a young officer, inscribed to reverse, portrait of Ensign John Clarke, East India Company's Service 1827, oil on canvas, 38 x 28cm - Sold for £380

A World War II 1st pattern Fairbairn Sykes commando fighting knife, by Wilkinson Sword, with a leather scabbard - Sold for £1,950

Robert Taylor *ARR, (b.1946), Dawn Eagles Rising, limited edition artist's proof, 23/75, with various signatures to the margin and inset within the mount in pencil, 30 x 58cm, with certificate of authenticity and receipt form Marlin Aviation Art - Sold for £580

A 19th century percussion cap pocket pistol, with a 7cm circular barrel, engraved body and crosshatched wooden handle with inset oval brass lozenge, 18cm long - Sold for £170

Robert Taylor *ARR, (b.1946), Sting of the Black Tulip, The 1500 Victory edition limited edition print, 57/850, variously signed to the margin in pencil and mounted with Nazi emblems, 51 x 72cm, together with certificate and receipt from Merlin Aviation Art - Sold for £500

A late 19th/early 20th century tribal carved wooden war club, possibly Solomon Islands, 102cm long - Sold for £160

A vintage brown leather flying hat, together with a pair of goggles - Sold for £55

Edward Ardizzone *ARR, (1900-1979), The Wreck, lithograph, published 1953, 47 x 72cm. Edward Ardizzone was an official war artist during the Second World War, assigned to the War Office by the War Artist's Advisory Committee - Sold for £190

A German green military Heer uniform jacket, denoting the iron cross - Sold for £80

A Victorian Second China War medal, (1857-1860), single clasp, Taku Forts 1858, unnamed as issued, 6cm high overall - Sold for £130

A 1940's German leather full length coat, label Groli Superieur Lederkleding - Sold for £30

Robert Taylor *ARR, (b.1946) Knights of the Eastern Front, limited edition canvas print, 62 x 90cm, no. 4/75, bearing a stamp for The Military Gallery - Sold for £220

A pair of US Navy World War II binoculars, Mark I, mod 2, no.2907, 1941, in a brown leather case - Sold for £55

A carved wooden staff, the handle carved as a North African soldier, 140cm long - Sold for £200

Edward Ardizzone *ARR, (1900-1979), With the 300th, On the Move, aquatint, bearing a label to the reverse Published by the National Gallery for the Ministry for Information, 28 x 39cm. Edward Ardizzone was an official war artist during the Second World War, assigned to the War Office by the War Artist's Advisory Committee - Sold for £60

A World War I aluminium and copper signet ring, inscribed 31/316 Zeppelin L.15. This inscription appears to relate to the First World War German L.15 Zeppelin, which was shot down near Purfleet on 31st March 1916, but not before inflicting damage during a series of Zeppelin raids which reigned terror on London - Sold for £130

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