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Michael (Mick) Cawston, 1959-2006, two pointers in long grass - Sold for £2,600

Lucy Harwood, still life flowers, oil - Sold for £2,400

Pablo Picasso, 1881-1973, Autour du Bain Turc, Femmes a la Piscine, 1971, drypoint etching - Sold for £3,400

After Anthonis Mor and Alonso Sanchez Coello, copy of a 16th century full length portrait of Alessandro Farnese - Sold for £6,200

After William Holman Hunt, 1827-1910, Isabella, or the Pot of Basil, with blindstamp for the Printsellers Association, signed in pencil by August Thomas Marie Blanchard 1819-1898 and also by the artist - Sold for £2,100

Patrick Caulfield, 1936 - 2005, Weekend Cabin, artist's proof, signed in pencil and inscribed AP, 55 x 91cm - ARR - Sold for £920

Sir Alfred James Munnings, KCVO, PRA, 1878-1959, a sketch of a horse and groom, signed pencil on paper, 30 x 40cm, together with a copy of a letter written by Munnings - Sold for £2,400

English School, 1629, Portrait of a lady aged 62, three quarter length, in a black dress with lace collar and cuffs, holding gloves in her left and a Bible in her right hand with a timepiece hanging from her dress, inscribed 'Guide my by thy cousell And afterward receive me to glory', and 'ANO DOM 1629', oil on panel, 118 x 83cm - Sold for £13,200

John Northcote Nash, C.B.E., R.A. 1893-1977, a view of the Stour valley, signed watercolour, 43 x 58cm, bearing a presentation plaque inscribed with the title and presented to M V Registan by Mrs P A Grove-White, August 1966 - Sold for £4.000

Donald Hamilton Fraser RA, Seascape Dubrovnik, oil on board - Sold for £2,100

Attributed to Lucy Harwood (1893-1972), mother and child, oil on canvas - Sold for £850

George Ayling, 1887-1960, The Small Harbour of Coverack, Cornwall, signed, oil on board, 49 x 60cm - Sold for £1,150

Victor Pasmore, 1908-1998, Blue Movement and Green, screenprint, signed with initials and dated '80 in pencil, Kelpra gallery blindstamp, 75 x 60cm, framed *ARR - Sold for £750

William Heaton-Cooper (*ARR), R. I., 1903-1995, Wastwater, signed watercolour, 37 x 55cm - Sold for £1,900

James Dodds, (b1957), Winkle, oil on canvas - Sold for £3,000

Malcolm Milne (1887-1954), country landscape, oil - Sold for £1,050

Michael R Pinx, (act. 1770's), portrait of the Reverend John Chisenhale MA of Arley (1723-1782), seated in clerical attire with his hand across his waist before shelves of books, half length, inscribed The Rev. John Chisenhale MA of Arley died 1782 Age 59 lower right and Rev.d John Chisenhale MA died 1782, Michael Recling? Pinx 1774 N.16, to the reverse, oil on canvas, 73 x 61cm - Sold for £1,050

After John Riley, (1646-1707), 19th century, portrait of Sir Robert Clayton, 1629-1707, Lord Mayor of London, seated in a red robe facing right with his hand outstretched, oil on canvas, stamped 'Copied by permission from the original picture in the Corporation of London Art Gallery, Guildhall Rd' - Sold for £1,600

Huw Williams, *ARR, (b1968), The Storm, oil on canvas, signed 'HUW' in red paint to the reverse, bearing a paper gallery label for The Osborne Studio Gallery, London, 151 x 151cm, in a contemporary frame. Purchased from the Osborne Studio Gallery - Sold for £4,800

Studio of Miguel Canals, portrait of Sir Philip Sidney, with inscription - Sold for £800

Pablo Picasso, 1881-1973, Les Livres de Picasso realises par PAB, coloured lithograph, signed in pencil by the artist, 17 x 13cm - Sold for £780

English School, late 18th century, a half-length portrait of a young lady, wearing a white dress and standing before an open window, oil on canvas, 128 x 114cm, inscribed to the reverse 'Jane Maria Carew, nee Rogers, 1st cousin of Samuel Strover, circa 1780' - Sold for £1,450

Italian School, 18th century, landscape with Saint Jerome in the foreground, oil on canvas, 172 x 120cm, bearing a paper label to the reverse for Birmingham City Art Gallery, inscribed by hand 'G. Poussin Landscape, lent by Lord Dartmouth' and another paper label inscribed 'The Earl of Dartmouth No.57, Salvator Rosa' and dated 29th 1896. Provenance: From a Suffolk Family, recently inherited - Sold for £10,500

British school, (19th century), a golden eagle with a rabbit, perched on a rock, oil on canvas, 100 x 74cm - Sold for £3,000

English School, 19th century, portrait of a Reverend, seated in clerical dress with quill and papers, half length, oil on canvas, 90 x 69cm - Sold for £680

Dutch School, 17th century, a half-length portrait of a gentleman wearing a dark coat and a white collar, inscribed Aetatis Suae, 45, Anno Dom 1671, oil on canvas, 88 x 66cm - Sold for £600

Jeannie Petyarre, b.1951, Australian, Bush Yam Leaves, oil on canvas, 92 x 122 cm, unframed - Sold for £600

John Ridgewell, 1937-2004, Suffolk Mill, signed oil on paper, 19 x 22cm, together with two others by the same hand (3) - Sold for £800

Anthony Gross *ARR, (1905-1984), foliage, signed, watercolour, 40 x 50cm - Sold for £680

Clive Madgwick RBA, (1934-2005) Evening Light Long Melford Green, signed oil on canvas, 50 x 75cm, inscribed 1990 to the stretcher and bearing a label for Agricultural Arts - Sold for £1,450

Style of George Armfield, (1810-1893), terriers ratting, oil on canvas, 40 x 50cm - Sold for £360

Jeannie Petyarre, b.1951, Australian, Bush Yam Leaves, oil on canvas, 120 x 176cm, unframed - Sold for £1,000

Clive Madgwick, 1934-2005, Winter Snow, St. Pauls, signed oil on canvas, 75 x 49cm, unframed - Sold for £580

Cecile Crombeke (1921-2002) Dandelions, signed, oil on canvas, 55 x 68cm - Sold for £2,200

Attributed to Harry Becker, 1865-1928, Plough Team, chalk on paper, 32 x 51cm, bearing a gallery label for The Wildlife Art Gallery, Lavenham - Sold for £980

English School, (19th century), still life of flowers, oil on canvas - Sold for £620

Chris Gollon, (b.1953), 'Homeward Bound', pastel on paper, 79 x 59cm - Sold for £680

Lilian Cheviot, act. 1884-1932, A West Highland Terrier, signed oil on canvas, 34 x 29cm - Sold for £1,650

David Adolf Constant Artz, 1837-1890, figures by a beach, signed, oil on board, 10 x 15cm - Sold for £1,850

Edwin John Ellis, 1841-1895, On the Irish Coast, signed oil on canvas, 44 x 83cm - Sold for £720

Louise Rayner, 1832-1924, the courtyard at Haddon Hall, signed grey wash heightened with white, 15 x 22cm - Sold for £1,250

A George II needlework sampler, worked by Sarah Chandler dated 1746, 40 x 19cm, together with another dated 1845, Jane Boyle, Londonderry, 58 x 48cm (2) - Sold for £400

Italian School, late 19th century, view of the River Arno, Italy, oil on canvas, unframed, 60 x 120cm - Sold for £520

Tarisse King, b.1986, Australian, Fire, oil on canvas, 120 x 180cm, unframed Tarisse King was born in Adelaide and is the daughter of highly regarded Aboriginal artist William King Jungala (1966-2007) - Sold for £900

I. Hudson, 19th century, Priscilla of Cowes, in full sail, inscribed Charles Livetman, Commander, January 31st 1876, signed oil on canvas, 61 x 91cm - Sold for £600

Clive Madgwick, R.B.A., 1934-2005, Water Lane Looking Towards Stratford Church, signed oil on canvas 35 x 55cm, bearing a Gallery label for Agricultural Arts and dated to the stretcher 1989 - Sold for £700

Margaret Glass, b.1950, Twilight at Woodbridge, signed pastel, 28 x 38cm - Sold for £360

Michael Ayrton *ARR, (1921-1975), Laocoon I, pencil and watercolour, signed and dated 10.9.68, 29 x 43cm - Sold for £1,650

Roderic Barrett, (1920-2000), Kitchen, signed with monogram, oil on canvas, 53 x 90cm - Sold for £2.000

William Thornley, fl.1858-1898, a pair of coastal landscapes, with sailing boats and figures, signed oil on canvas, 31 x 46cm, each stamped Robert Dyas, London EC to the back of the canvas - Sold for £1,200

Continental School, 19th century, a group portrait of figures on a Tavern porch, oil on canvas, 73 x 61cm - Sold for £500

Graham Vivian Sutherland, 1903-1980, Life in Wood, coloured lithograph, 82/90, signed by the artist, with Gallery blind stamp, 48 x 57cm - Sold for £290

Rowland Suddaby, 1912-1973, Autumn at Wrongs Farm, Great Cornard, signed oil on board, 30 x 40cm, bearing a paper label to the reverse titled and dated June 12 1969 - Sold for £320

Clive Madgwick, view of Tuddenham - Sold for £920

Antonio De Simone, 1851 - 1907, The Steam Yacht 'Surf' in Stormy Waters, signed gouache on paper, bearing inscription 'S. Y. Surf', together with the companion, The Steam Yacht 'Surf' off the Coast of Naples, each 42 x 60cm - Sold for £550

Manner of Van Goyen, river landscape with figures, oil on panel, 26 x 36cm - Sold for £370

Donald McIntyre, (1923-2009), Entering Boscastle harbour No 2, signed with monogram, mixed media, 19 x 30cm - Sold for £750

Alfred Grenfell Haigh, 1870-1963, bay mare with a chestnut foal in a stable, signed and dated 1893, oil on canvas, 38 x 50cm - Sold for £1,100

Danish School, 19th century, a half length portrait of a Jewish Elder, with a scribe, oil on canvas, bearing a label for Bruun Rasmussen, 97 x 69cm - Sold for £400

William H. Hopkins, 1853-1892, path with a boy riding a donkey, signed oil on canvas, 34 x 45cm - Sold for £1,050

William H. Snape, 1862-1904, Sunset river landscape, with a church in the distance, signed oil on canvas, 33 x 43cm - Sold for £820

E. Leger, 19th century, Der Obstverkauferin, Indiane, signed oil on board, together with the companion, a pair, each bearing an inscribed paper label to the reverse, no.769, 39 x 26cm - Sold for £440

Attributed to Henry Stacy Marks, R.A., 1829-1898, a standing bay mare in profile, signed S. Marks, oil on canvas, 51 x 61cm, in an ornate gilt frame - Sold for £500

Clive Madgwick, R.B.A., 1934-2005, Westminster, signed, oil on canvas, 49 x 74cm - Sold for £720

Bessie Bamber, fl.1900-1910, Two kittens and a basket, signed with initials, oil on porcelain, 15 x 21cm, in a gilt painted frame - Sold for £360

Henry George Todd, R.A., 1847-1898, still life of fruit and a vase on a table, signed and dated 1888, oil on canvas, 22 x 17cm, together with the companion, a pair - Sold for £440

English school, 19th century, extensive landscape with figures, oil on canvas, 68 x 91cm, in a gilt frame - Sold for £580

James Riddell, Scottish, 1857-1928, fishing boats, signed and dated '94, oil on canvas, 73 x 61cm - Sold for £650

English School, circa 1800, portrait of seated gentleman, oil on canvas, 72 x 61cm, together with the companion of a lady, 72 x 61cm - Sold for £850

Scottish School, early 19th century, coastal scene with castle, oil on canvas, 44 x 59cm, in a gilt frame - Sold for £550

John Aldridge, 1905-1983, The Place Yard, Great Bardfield', signed, oil on board, 40 x 55cm - Sold for £2,400

After Philip Reinagle, 1749-1833, Sir Thomas Mostyn's (Bicester) Lady, 1801, oil on canvas, 22 x 16.5cm. Sir Thomas Mostyn's bitch lady (1801) is one of the most famous and widely celebrated brood bitches in foxhound history, whose offspring totalled thirty-three between the years 1801 and 1833. - Sold for £550

William James Laidlay, Scottish, 1846-1912, seascape with boats, signed, oil on canvas, 38 x 61cm - Sold for £120

Edward Robert Smythe, 1810-1899, a country scene with a figure on a path, signed oil on board, 31 x 27cm - Sold for £340

English School, early 20th century, horse and jockey, signed indistinctly, oil on canvas, 48 x 64cm - Sold for £400

David Haywood, 20th century, portrait of a lady, oil on canvas, 120 x 89cm - Sold for £420

Clive Madgwick, R.B.A., 1934-2005, Ransomes Threshing Machine, signed, oil on canvas, 36 x 45cm - Sold for £500

Anna Downing, (19th century), still life flowers, a pair, signed and dated 1859, oil on canvas, each 34 x 43cm - Sold for £160

Attributed to W W Gill, (19th century), landscape, oil on board, together with another, each 34 x 54cm - Sold for £260

H. Habraken, (b1946), still life of fruit on a table, signed, oil on canvas, 41 x 49cm - Sold for £320

Attributed to Edward J Niemann, (1813-1876), river landscape, oil on canvas, 49 x 73cm - Sold for £360

A 19th century German KPM porcelain plaque - Sold for £2,000

Thomas Richmond (1802-1874), portrait of a gentleman wearing a black frock coat, seated in a chair, signed and dated 1845, oil on board, 46 x 34cm arched, in an ornate gilt gesso frame - Sold for £230

Jaime Azocar, (b1941), La Vallee de St Paul de Venee, signed and dated '68, oil on canvas, 98 x 71cm - Sold for £260

Attributed to William Pitt, (act 1851-1890), winter farmyard scene, oil on canvas, inscribed W Pitt and dated 1851 to the frame, 54 x 49cm - Sold for £270

English School, (19th century), study of a fighting cock, signed indistinctly and dated 1852, oil on canvas, 30 x 46cm - Sold for £300

Tom Keating *ARR, (1917-1984), Tendering horse, signed, oil on canvas, 50 x 75cm - Sold for £320

Tom Keating *ARR, (1917-1984), after Edouard Manet, (1832-1883), couple by a boat, oil on canvas, signed lower left, 49 x 59cm - Sold for £360

Tom Keating *ARR, (1917-1984), after Henri Matisse, (1869-1954), portrait of a woman, signed and inscribed 'Tom Keating apres Matisse', ink, 20 x 15cm - Sold for £420

J Strevens *ARR, (1902-1990), 'Un Boulevard', oil on canvas - Sold for £500

Robert Taylor *ARR, (b.1946), Sting of the Black Tulip, The 1500 Victory edition limited edition print, 57/850, variously signed to the margin in pencil and mounted with Nazi emblems, 51 x 72cm - Sold for £500

English School, (18th century), portrait of a gentleman, head and shoulders, wearing a powdered wig, oil on board, 38 x 30cm, bearing a label for Thos. Agnew & sons, Old Bond Street, London, in a gilt frame - Sold for £520

Robert Taylor *ARR, (b.1946), Dawn Eagles Rising, limited edition artist's proof, 23/75, with various signatures to the margin and inset within the mount in pencil, 30 x 58cm - Sold for £580

After Martha Walter, (20th century), Beach Scene, signed oil on board, 40 x 49cm, inscribed and dated 1910 verso - Sold for £600

English School, (early 20th century), study of a white bull beside a cat, oil on canvas, 30 x 50cm - Sold for £340

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